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Noshi Curry


Gregory “Noshi” Curry is the lead vocalist of NYC-based rock band ”Nihil Admirari”, studied multicultural and multi-genre composer/producer, trained classical pianist/clarinetist and baritone-tenor voice, pop and rock solo artist and an executive producer for the Capumo Records’ “Sing for Peace” project. He is known for his mantra of diversity, inclusivity and creativity in the industry and holds both a BBA in Management from The University of The Bahamas and a BM in Contemporary Writing & Production and Classical Composition minor Conducting from Berklee College of Music.

A mouthful to say the least, but his cantilevered career builds on strong foundation and discipline in business and formal education contrasted with free movement and inventiveness; much displayed as he helped bring Sing for Peace to its 3rd CD installment and Nihil Admirari from idea to inspirationally in-demand newcomers.

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